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Rościszów 92A, 58-250 Rościszów

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Your Place in the Owl Mountains!

The fully equipped chalet for rent, located in the heart of one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. The perfect place to relax for All. Surrounded by forests, organic raspberry plantations in the middle of the mountains, with the unique view of the highest peak in the area - the Great Owl.

The ideal place for nature lovers, those who seek a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the city as well as for families with children, in extraordinary circumstances.

There are places where the climate and beauty will not give up any word, one of them is Halinówka. Anyone willing to test this thesis, we encourage to visit. For each guest there is local delicacy!

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~  7 km -  Accommodations Walim(22)
~  8 km -  Accommodations Sokolec(8)
~  8 km -  Accommodations Dzierżoniów(21)
~17 km -  Accommodations Bieganów(2)
~34 km -  Accommodations Szczytna(22)
~36 km -  Accommodations Gębczyce(1)


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